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2017-05-18 - 4:25 a.m.

the truth is, certain mistakes are better than nothing.

yesterday, one of my pet tortoises died unexpectedly. throughout the night, i've been waking up to check on the other one, making sure he's okay.

the cats are sleeping. my baby is sleeping. outside, a mockingbird is singing in the grey light that rises before the dawn.

* * *

reading: notes of a crocodile, qiu miaojin.
listening to: bossa nova.
working on: catching up. things ran ahead of me - laundry, dishes, the garden and everything else.
in the garden: our first hot day, and it looks like we went away for a week and came back to something entirely different. the forget-me-nots are bolting, all the tulips shed their petals, and the budding iris shot up by four or five inches. now, the viburnum flowers are making their night smell.

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