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2014-07-30 - 8:32 p.m.

an axe for the frozen sea

turning the pages of old magazines, slightly foxed, reading about the war in biafra, gelatin recipes, can this marriage be saved? like a familiar ingredient suspended in aspic, this summer seems viscid and slightly menacing. a storm threatens. the weather bends but does not break.

* * *

take notes to stay focused while listening.
paraphrase what you think the speaker, said and ask if you're on target.
ask clarifying questions to sharpen the focus of the conversation.
notice the speaker's body language and facial expressions as potential sources of meaning.
use pauses to reflect, or draw out more information.
let the verb carry the weight of the line.

* * *

reading: a mishmash fictionalized account of several art crimes.
listening to: bob hund - bli aldrig som oss, bli värre!
working on: packing for vacation.
in the garden: day lilies and hosta, oh my heart.

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