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2013-09-17 - 6:06 p.m.

right this minute. right this second.

afternoon sun slants through the roadside vegetation, casting a precise light on the weeds and wildflowers. a warm and blurry late-summer smell lingers on the height of land, but a soft evening dampness is beginning to pool in the hollows. i am running home, a dreamscape medley in my headphones and a vague quiet space in my mind.

oh, endings. just land the plane somehow. aim for as few fatalities as possible.

* * *

reading: old issues of photoplay on archive dot org.
listening to: butternut - fred "sugar" hall & his sugar babies.
working on: too busy doing it to talk about it.
in the garden: my dwarf pomegranate is blooming, bright orange and alive like goldfish.

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