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2013-08-15 - 8:27 p.m.

saving the season

here, the weather ebbs and flows, heat lapping up the edges of trees and houses. there is a grey sky in the afternoon, a soft hem to the day. my hair is long enough, now, to twist into a little bun. damp tendrils fall loose as i put up peaches, okra, dilly beans.

it's tempting, some days, to stay curled up in bed and take neither the bad nor the good. but here i am, walking barefoot from the kitchen to the porch out back.

* * *

reading: dimanche. reading irene nemirovsky is like a staring contest, and i'm always the one who looks away.
listening to: rollerskate skinny. i'm on a nostalgia kick.
working on: re-seasoning my cast iron pans.
in the garden: i'm digging out all sorts of unwelcome little trees.

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