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2013-07-09 - 10:37 p.m.

almost as if it were nothing at all

succumbing to a sad sort of magical thinking, i bought a lot of vitamin pills and began to take them. one, two, three, four, five and six in the morning, and then two more at night. i brew some coffee and wait for my legs to grow solid under me. i imagine, perhaps, that they are coalescing from wisps of smoke and vapor. brand new legs for me, every day. that way, it's easier not to cry.

* * *

she kissed me breezily at our parting, and it left a matte wine-red mark on my cheek. i feel like a minor character in my own life, or maybe just a bruised little metaphor in someone else's story. the faster i walk, the smaller i am.

* * *

reading: lolly willowes, which owes a great deal to i await the devil's coming.
listening to: django reinhardt - limehouse blues.
working on: squaring things away. goodbye, old washing machine, broken desk, books i will never read again. goodbye and good riddance to the lot of you.
in the garden: oscar is out lounging among the tiger lilies like a very tiny tiger.

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