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2013-06-29 - 6:48 a.m.


is this where you live? is this where? is this?

is this what you eat for breakfast? is this what? is this? this? this?

is this how you take a bath? is this how? is this how? is this?

is this what you want for your birthday? is this what? is this?

* * *

reading: brian moore - the mangan inheritance. so much heaving and ogling, but moore is a razor-sharp wordsmith and the plot just zings along.
listening to: the blizzard of '96 - the walkmen.
working on: finishing a quilt top that has lingered incomplete for more than a year. i like to plan the patchwork, and i like the process of quilting, and i like the texture of a handmade quilt - but i just hate piecing patchwork. it makes me feel like i am dying a slow and pointless death.
in the garden: i left my chenille plant in the sun, and it shriveled to nothing.

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