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2011-06-19 - 7:47 p.m.

just me and the cat, and all my thoughts

no, i am not pregnant. no, that was not good writing.

i'm constantly surprised by who reads here, and what they take from it. that's a nice thing about writing in public diary format.

what's more, there's a different expectation, a different way of conveying information.

pinky and her brother. the weather and my mood. two things jumbled together like heaped-up broken slate, a treacherous and unseductive surface. not good writing.

what does it mean when i write badly? meaning elides meaning, time passes and things change.

* * *

reading: the sunday paper.
listening to: the window fan, the wind outside.
working on: writing code.
in the garden: tiger lilies are blooming. pow pow pow.

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