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2010-09-26 - 4:46 p.m.

rain, and scything

hip-deep in the cape fear river, i scanned the trees for intimations of the coming autumn. the sky above the banks turned steely grey, then darkened. we were back in the car before the clouds burst.

suddenly on his shoulders he felt a pleasant and airy sensation he could not initially explain; but during the pause, he noticed that a huge black cloud drifting low in the sky had just fallen to earth. ~tolstoy, anna karenina.

ever since i heard some sad news about a friend of mine, my heart has felt as risky as cracked porcelain.

* * *

reading: boat plans.
listening to:a thousand-thousand blades of grass between my love and me - wishlessness.
working on: making graphs.
in the garden: the rain.

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