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2008-11-24 - 6:38 p.m.

benjamin, you have been staring at me again

he says he's thinking of getting a cat, but i think what he really needs is a boyfriend.

* * *

listening to: the sugarplastic - brownly corduroyd.
when i was fifteen, i was so adorable. i looked like i was eleven, and i was in the habit of sneaking into lots of shows. i remember ben eshbach pacing in the back of some brooklyn venue, or maybe it was in queens, where somehow i ended up arguing with him about karl popper. i told him, "you are a buffoon - a melodious buffoon, but still." i don't think i actually understood anything about falsificationism at the age of fifteen. he suggested i might care to read gk chesterton. twelve years later, i still haven't.
reading: notes on mating systems theory from a class i took in 2004.
working on: setting the world on fire.

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