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2008-11-29 - 5:30 p.m.

after thanksgiving

there are silver glass balls like iridescent seedpods on the firebush in my front yard. there's a paper wreath hanging in the kitchen.

soon, i'll make hot cocoa with rosewater guimauve. i'll decorate the front of my house with C-9 lights so it looks like a gingerbread cottage. i'll have my friends over to string cranberry garland and watch children's shows on television.

can you tell? i'm desperately trying to avoid thinking about everything that's wrong.

* * *

listening to: the dodos - red & purple.
reading: john barnes - one for the morning glory.
working on: hand-quilting my hoover garden patchwork. do i like hand-quilting? no, not at all. i keep sewing my fingers.

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