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2013-10-31 - 9:17 a.m.

from here to there, from past to future.

searching for your legal name turns up little besides old set lists and mugshots. furn alch/minor. poss marij >4oz<=5lbs. intoxication in public view. these things stop abruptly in 2006, and they do not begin again.

your sharp-shaped soul must have eroded into some other form by now, or else you are surely cut to ribbons from the inside. i guess you might've changed your name, or maybe moved abroad.

lately, words slip and shiver for me - somehow, things just won't stay where i put them. i wonder where you've gone.

* * *

reading: the morning newspaper.
listening to: crickets, traffic.
working on: weeding through the books on my shelves. i have too many things i will never read again.
in the garden: the maple trees changed color over the course of the day.

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