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2011-01-09 - 7:46 a.m.

several aspirations for new year

i would like to make all of my clothes this year, rather than buying anything new.
- improve my ability to draft patterns from measurements
- learn to make lingerie
- plant-dye wool to design and complete a sweater
- learn a better way to darn holes in jeans

i would like to train for a marathon, and learn to handle setbacks gracefully.

i would like to prototype a walking chair based on the theo jansen mechanism.

i would like to take more pleasure in our food and home.
- balance learning new skills in the kitchen with making efficient meals
- make our bread at home
- preserve seasonal produce in ways we actually use
- overcome my longstanding aversion to certain foods
- streamline housekeeping, so i can spend less time, thought and effort on things i don't enjoy

i would like to find and use shared creative space.
- purchase studio time at the university craft center
- take a ceramics course to see if it is something i would like to pursue, or something i can stop thinking i might like to do
- take a metalworking course, for the same reason
- complete a coherent body of work
- compile a portfolio

i would like to do more hiking, camping and traveling.

i have three secret goals, and ten professional ones.

* * *

reading: the mountain lion, jean stafford. can't quite wrap my mind around this one.
listening to: wqxr. internet radio, i love you.
working on: making waffles and scotch for breakfast. like rich old guys and texas strippers, some things just go together.
in the garden: already, these little green sprouts.

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