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2010-08-28 - 6:09 a.m.

scrape my heart for clues

reading through my entries for the past year or so, i keep pacing through the same figures, these anchors.

there's the kitchen.
and the garden.
where is my husband.
some loss.

* * *

bench 1:
a man posed in a natty straw hat, slim twill slacks and red wing chukkas, smoking a briarwood pipe and reading a book through vintage dead-stock sunglasses.
what book was he reading?

bench 2:
another fellow sleeping, his head propped on a wooden box held together with neat dovetail joints.
what was in the box?

* * *

reading: mary oliver.
listening to: the soviet league - shylight.
working on: fixing the automatic ice maker.
in the garden: looking forward to the open house at the juniper level gardens.

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