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2009-04-12 - 9:56 p.m.

sunshine on new leaves

you should see my front yard right now. it's magical. up the hill, there's homestead purple verbena, then wallflowers in lilac and orange, then a carpet of blue lithodora in front of coppery-leaved aaron's beard. the last few dutch iris are lingering on, and by the front steps, the pinks and candytuft are blooming.

in a few days, the siberian iris will be in flower. two years ago, they needed to be divided, and last year, i moved them. i've been waiting to see what color they'd be - turns out, they're purple!

* * *

reading: fanny howe - notes on a vocation.
listening to: the mountain goats - going to utrecht.
working on: embroidery on paper. it is hard on my fingertips and hands, and i've wrecked several needles, and i'm actually a little bit in awe of this project.

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