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2008-12-20 - 9:44 a.m.

house plans for the new year

1. in the living room:

  • buy a tall ladder
  • tear down the wall paper
  • white paint on the baseboards and chair rail
  • pale, pale grey on the paneled strip, and around the fireplace.
  • white on the rest of the walls
  • new slipcover for the couch
  • take apart the little side table
  • sand it down
  • stain it apple green and seal it
  • spray the light in the entryway apple green, to match
  • do something about the crappy fireplace
  • tear out the carpet
  • have the carpet replaced

2. in the laundry room:

  • recycle the old washer and dryer
  • repaint the walls
  • replace the vinyl floor with tile
  • buy a new washer and dryer

3. in the kitchen:

  • buy new chairs
  • replace the backsplash
  • paint over previous owner's wall art - this means to repaint one wall

4. in the guest bathroom:

  • replace vinyl floor with hex tile
  • replace the toilet seat
  • replace the light fixture

5. in my bedroom:

  • finish the forest mural

6. in my bathroom:

  • replace the vinyl floor with subway tile
  • repaint the walls, same color
  • replace the sink fixtures
  • replace the linens
  • make a shower curtain
  • make a matching window curtain
  • paint lanterns and hang them over the bath tub

7. in the guest room:

  • maybe paint something on the wall
  • find a pretty curtain

8. the turtle's bedroom:

  • bookshelves, dammit
  • paint the walls and shelves
  • buy a daybed
  • this room needs a lot of work

9. the garage:

  • buy a pegboard and hang up my tools
  • recycle cardboard

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