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2007-07-10 - 9:22 a.m.

minou is very sick

hi everyone,

for those of you i haven't talked to recently, my cat minou is very sick. we think he ate a poisonous spider. he was at the emergency vet for three days - we spent all of the money we'd been saving for furniture in our new house, and our tax returns, and my scientific illustration fees, and my special savings - and now he is at home resting.

while he is no longer in immediate danger, he's still very ill and we don't know if he'll get better or just drift away from us.

he has neurological damage, and his eyes are going back and forth involuntarily, like a kit-kat clock. he's dizzy and nauseated. he wants to play, but he falls down. it's so sad.

after losing rupert so unexpectedly this january, and the hell we've gone through with my grandmother's dog, this year has been a tragic one for pets in our family. please keep my special little guy in your thoughts - you all know he is my very best friend in the world.

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