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2022-06-11 - 9:00 a.m.

back from alaska

i had a good time in fairbanks. here at home, i have had such little success in making friends, and every friend i make moves away. i had begun to feel like the problem was me, odd and unlikeable, and it's nice to know that isn't strictly the case. up there, the kids and i were invited to a lot of things.

i wouldn't mind moving to alaska.

* * *

reading: the kids have been captivated by an illustrated natural history series from flying eye books - everest, amazon river, great barrier reef. i'm glad my children like interesting books, because each one of these books is about eighty pages long and takes about an hour for me to read.
listening to: i found a box of cds, mislabeled in storage. such a trip down memory lane.
working on: making some bags to store the children's toys. everything they own seems to have a million little pieces. if i want them to learn good habits, it needs to be easier for them to find what they want and to put things away when they are done playing.
in the garden: it's a good year for berries.

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