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2016-12-15 - 5:22 p.m.

goodbye, fall semester.

proctoring arrangements had fallen through for the final exam, so i had to go to campus and do it myself.

my students brought gifts for the baby and me - an infant shirt from the university bookstore and a bottle of high-end hand lotion. just two more hours behind this podium, under these fluorescent lights. the other lecturer said this semester's class was the worst she's ever had, but my students were downright lovely. i think the difference lies in the fact that i had the evening class. most of them were working real jobs, going to school at night, taking college very seriously.

i'm going to miss them.

* * *

having a baby has warped my sense of time. either simple tasks bleed out over hours, or the hands on the clock have barely moved but it feels like an eternity has passed.

creeping home through rush hour traffic has always felt like an eternity, every second multiplied. the low, bright moon was modestly veiled behind a transparency of clouds.

* * *

reading: a moomins-themed lift-the-flap book for babies.
listening to: the soundtrack for "once upon a time in the west." lately, i've been listening to a lot of music from spaghetti westerns.
working on: tidying the house for company tomorrow.
in the garden: it is terribly windy, and we seem to have acquired someone else's trash can.

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