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2016-10-28 - 6:46 p.m.


"do not, do not be afraid," marina abramović's voice buzzes through the radio. i push my forehead down onto the steering wheel, take a slow, deep breath.

there aren't any migraine medications safe to take during pregnancy - only tylenol, which is a joke.

my mom rummages through my kitchen cabinets and sends me a long series of text messages warning of the dangers of dairy, gluten, legumes, cruciferous vegetables, mangoes, apples, processed foods. she has an out-of-character weakness for crackpot diets. old ladies in the grocery store put their hands on my stomach and tell me i should be wearing more clothing around my midsection.

the baby settles lower. i finish this week's lectures, bind off a tiny pair of socks and cast on a tiny sweater. the crib is delivered and i assemble it in the room filled with golden autumn light. once an office, now a nursery. on the way home from work, my husband practices how he will drive us to the hospital.

just a few more weeks.

* * *

reading: a book on pedagogy in the undergraduate classroom.
listening to: mort garrison's plantasia. my mom's youngest brother used to play it when he'd babysit us.
working on: sewing curtains for the nursery. curtains are my least favorite thing to sew - so much precision, so little fun.
in the garden: the japanese maple blazed red this year, not gold. so strange.

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