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2016-10-07 - 6:21 p.m.

instructor's review copy - not for sale

i'm finally through with building bookshelves. there is a wall in the back room for fiction, a wall in the front room for nonfiction, a small case for diy books, handcraft guides and sewing patterns in the little room over the garage, and children's books now are beginning to accumulate on the case that came with the house at the top of the stairs.

when my husband and i merged our respective libraries, it felt like a greater commitment than marriage. along similar lines, having all these bookshelves makes this house really feel like my home.

* * *

"wow. it's like you're living in a used bookstore," said our neighbor's daughter who watches our cats.

"why, thank you," my husband replied. "most people just mutter that."

i am not sure if she caught the reference, but at least i was amused.

* * *

just seven weeks of pregnancy left to go. being pregnant has not been a comfortable experience for me, but i'd really like the baby to stay in until i finish this semester's teaching contract. from there, we'll see how things go.

people are giving us so many cute things for our little guy, who is remarkably active in utero and, in his last round of ultrasound images, looks rather unsettlingly like orson welles.

* * *

reading: IQ84. i began reading this book two years ago. as we prepared to leave north carolina, it was packed in a mystery box and not found until this afternoon. i've started in again from the beginning, and for whatever reason, i am enjoying it much more this time around.
listening to: a chorus of insects chirping outdoors. god, i love the fall.
working on: next weeks' lectures.
in the garden: there are late squash, new radishes, and early rainbow chard.

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