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2016-04-28 - 6:54 p.m.


i discovered i was pregnant in melbourne, city of gardens. at first i didn't believe it, but there it was. a missed period, two lines in the little window on the pregnancy test, shirts and bras that strained against an unaccustomed soreness.

morning sickness hit hard on the flight home. i spent the next week lying on my parents' couch, recovering from jetlag and crushing fatigue.

* * *

time spools out, and the baby is growing teeth and fingernails and its tail is gone. it's amazing how much there is to do, and how much can be done in a day.

* * *

i've been writing a great deal, but elsewhere, privately. that's just how things are, these days.

* * *

reading: an embryology textbook.
listening to: seratones, get gone.
working on: staying awake. moving forward.
in the garden: i've been planting trees and roses.

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