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2014-06-05 - 6:39 a.m.

rewriting and editing and cooking down

this kitchen is terrible. a pot of water on the gas range takes far too long to boil, and the handle on the oven door prevents some drawers from opening. the placement of the electrical outlets relative to the cabinets and counters precludes any sort of efficient workflow.

grime collects between the tiles on the countertop, and it's difficult to clean the backsplash.

the refrigerator isn't even in the kitchen.

i write to my best friend, but he doesn't write back.

* * *

reading: nothing. i have to build shelves before i can unbox the books, and we are redeeming some credit rewards points for a gift certificate to the hardware store. the gift certificate has to come in the mail before i can spend it on angle brackets and nose molding and clear pine.
listening to: dandelion wine - gregory allan isakov.
working on: unpacking. we have so, so many things.
in the garden: all the day lilies are planted.

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