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2014-02-12 - 12:26 p.m.

what will i miss?

i will miss my fishtank, which will stay with my brother and his fiance. goodbye, big rainbow and little rainbow, otto cat and cory cats, four red minor tetras, masses of plants and stones from sunrise beach or the bay of fundy.

i will miss my local friends. goodbye, paul and sarah. goodbye, alex. goodbye, ben. goodbye, chris and eva. so strange, to be the one who is leaving and not the one who is left behind.

i will miss the bluffs at swift creek and the lake down the street. goodbye, salamanders and wildflowers.

i will miss the shore. goodbye, pygmy rattlesnakes and carnivorous plants.

i will miss the way the heating vent underneath the kitchen sink makes it nice to wash the dishes on a cold day. i will miss the shadow cast by the pendant lamp in the foyer.

i will miss stone mountain and raven rock.

i will miss my bookshelves and bird feeder and these particular birds in my backyard. i will miss the recessed display i made to hold my rock collection.

i will miss my hurricane lilies and smoke tree and ume and naked ladies and especially my backyard wild orchids. i will miss the fall crop of peas and greens. goodbye, southern garden.

i will miss shopping at the farmer's market and walking through the arboretum.

i will miss my boss's home and family. goodbye, nora and minnie and bob.

* * *

reading: the collected poems of john ashbery.
listening to: margot and the nuclear so-and-so's - skeleton key.
working on: finishing projects.
wearing: so many handknits.
in the garden: it's ready for snow.

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