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2014-02-10 - 12:02 p.m.

so long, lonesome.

there is something faulty in the sky, a winding white cloud that looks too much like smoke, or silt in a stream, or the featherdown that spills from a split seam. nothing has been right since the summer, when my dad came far too close to dying.

everything is wrong, wrong altogether.

* * *

reading: hedi kaddour - little grey lies.
listening to:joe candullo and his everglades orchestra - measly blues.
working on: some wool longies, because i just hate being cold. they make my backside look phenomenal, as i am a knitting genius.
wearing: old jeans, brown ankle boots, pink knitted sweater over a grey cotton henley, brass bangle, exhausted look on my face.
in the garden: snow has come and gone. i love the front bed in the snow - it looks so tightly edited. now the first crocuses of the year are in bloom.

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