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2014-01-05 - 12:58 p.m.

all these salt roads

the clouds gather and keep gathering, and the cats begin to shed sparks. they crackle with ozone, like friendly little thunderstorms chirping and twirling around your ankles.

there will be snow - a real snowstorm - and we will bundle up in knitted layers before we venture out of doors. miles later, we will pull off our wet boots and thaw in front of the woodstove, prickly fingers and flushed faces over mugs of hot cocoa.

at the same time, a thing can be a pause and a rushing forward. i was not sad to see the end of the year, as this year was not so kind to me.

* * *

reading: the finn family moomintroll.
listening to: jack hylton and his orchestra - painting the clouds with sunshine.
working on: settling back in to this house and routine.
in the garden: my cat and the neighbor's cat are renegotiating their boundaries.

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