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2013-11-07 - 8:06 a.m.

each day is shorter than the one before.

it is raining outside, and the rising morning light pulls the silhouetted maple leaves into three dimensions. in here, at the kitchen table, things are flat and barren. the cats come up and nudge their insistent little heads at my shins and shoulders. i reach to pet them and my hand is shaking so badly.

hey, did you know my wife became a magician?
really? your wife became a magician?
yes indeed - she turned our car into another car!

is there some other perspective here? it was not a bad accident, as accidents go, but it has upset my unsteady equilibrium. my entire body hurts, and i try to do the best i can.

* * *

reading: a book about wildflowers.
listening to: public radio.
working on: keeping it all together.
in the garden: rain on wet leaves.

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