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2013-03-25 - 3:20 p.m.

collected notes and marginalia.

can we characterize repentance as a form of hope against impossible odds?
up, jerusalem - stand upon the heights and look toward the east!

“Our defense strategy is to have so many enemies they shoot and trip over each other as they come at us.”
this is the only occasion in the three-year cycle when a passage from zephaniah is read.

think of a new habit to start.

prosodic and pragmatic silence.

i will annoy you, like a penny in the dryer/and I will destroy you, like a lint trap fire

hortatory. enfoliated. intransigent. concomitant moral irony. gimlet-eyed doom-blasted episcopalian,

"when people live out in the country, got hogs and all that kind of stuff, they think they don't benefit from the infrastructure. but that's just because they're ignorant. they've got the devil down there in alabama, and it's themselves."

"valete et plaudite!"
java -Xmx500M -Xss2m -Djava.library.path=lib -Djri.ignore.ule="yes" -cp "$dir" mesquite.Mesquite

five hole pamphlet stitch
"True! I did attend the wrestling matches - only because my mother is a very dear friend of Hookalakah Meshobbab!"

"mutually destructive alligator fuckhouse of a relationship"
red, orange yellow print black
blue prints white
paint out sky, photograph second plate in the evening when the sky is pink. Or add stormy sky with graphite on tissue paper.
wet collodion image

"[Y]ou cannot allow the smallest favor to a lover, but he will soon persuade you to yield another, and after that a little more, and in the end prevails entirely; so if you grant the least principle to a mathematician, he will instantly draw a consequence from it, which you must yield also, and from that another, and then a third, and then maugre all your resistance, in a short time, he will lead you so far that you cannot retreat. These two sorts of men...always take more than is given them." - bernard de fontenelle, trans. aphra behn.

"So, I say, like [José] Ortega y Gassett, that when a lot of people agree about something, it’s either a stupid idea or a beautiful woman." -alvaro mutis

But the beauty is not the madness/Tho’ my errors and wrecks lie about me./And I am not a demigod,/I cannot make it cohere.

* * *

reading: the gate, by soseki. i guess i am on a rereading kick.
listening to: the awful alert tone of my office mate's phone.
working on: giving up.
in the garden: there's one flower on my star magnolia, and it looks like someone balled up a kleenex and discarded it in the branches.

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