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2012-11-20 - 9:48 a.m.

alone in the office, before the holiday.

when people meet my family, they say, "you're all so different! if i didn't know you were related, i'd never guess." maybe that's the thing we all have in common - an unerring sureness of where we belong in this world, and whatever boldness takes us there.
writing about family is always difficult, you know? i feel protective of them. it warps the story.

* * *

a lovely friend invited me to list six things that make me happy. i guess this is a seasonal questionnaire.
1. flannel-lined denim.
2. classic banjo tricks.
3. the idea of colleen moore and harry langdon as a buddy-comedy team.
4. these expression marks between my eyebrows, like the M stamped on the forehead of every tabby cat.
5. this shirt printed with nautical stars.
6. falling leaves on a breezy day.

* * *

reading: andrey platonov, happy moscow. i love the way platonov disregards the maxim, "show, don't tell."
listening to:cylinder radio.
working on: "silt is..."
in the garden: on a grey day, the japanese maple reflects light back like nothing else in this world.

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