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2012-11-05 - 8:59 p.m.

city of oaks.

i dropped a jar on the kitchen floor and promptly planted my foot in the broken glass. it left just a little cut, but it was the morning of race day.

nothing is ever easy.

so i pulled the shards out of my foot, bandaged up and woke my husband to take me to the starting line. after a while, a little flap of skin began to roll back with every step. i left a trail of blood from mile 11.35 until mile 12.

this was my first race since i got sick, nine years ago. before i cut my foot, i was aiming for a 9:15 mile pace. I ended up averaging 10:31 per mile. the 10-minute pacers passed me while i stopped at the med tent for a bandage, and i didn't manage to catch up with them again. i finished right directly in the middle of the pack.

you had better believe i've calculated summary statistics on these results, and drafted a new training plan in preparation for some next race for which i don't even intend to register. of course, these are displacement activities.

my husband says he was proud of me. but i was so mean to myself that i started feeling sorry for myself, like i was some other person.

i do have a participant's medal that is shaped like an acorn. so there's that, at least.

* * *

reading: a biography of martin and osa.
listening to: sycamore feeling, trentemøller.
working on: laundry.
in the garden: i have to repot some succulents and cut back the brugs. but i don't know if i will find the time to do it until it is too late.

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