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2012-08-06 - 3:32 p.m.

maine vacation

there was just a single entry in the logbook - green loop, in@2:15, out@3:58. jeez, nick! - and the trails were carpeted with tiny hemlock seedlings. i'd be out to the trailhead every morning at dawn, and the only footprints would be mine from the day before.

it was so easy to slip into a different routine, this other life. but i have so much to do if i want to graduate in december.

* * *

reading: a paper about frogs.
listening to: a hawk and a hacksaw - i am not a gambling man.
working on: knitting socks. making cucumber pickles. writing my dissertation.
in the garden: the zinnias are now in bud. i can't wait to see which colours re-seeded themselves.

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