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2012-04-11 - 5:30 p.m.

weather and calendar, the pace of things.

in that pre-dawn light, the blackberry canes looked like mounded snowdrifts.

when i leave north carolina, i will miss these little winters.

* * *

If the centre has the place then there is distribution. That is natural. There is a contradiction and naturally returning there comes to be both sides and the centre. That can be seen from the description.
A fact is that when the place was replaced all was left that was stored and all was retained that would not satisfy more than another. The question is this, is it possible to suggest more to replace that thing. This question and this perfect denial does make the time change all the time.

~gertrude stein, tender buttons.

* * *

reading: estimates of birth (λ) and death (μ) rates from simulated phylogenies.
listening to: angry sea, mother mother.
working on: slides for a talk
in the garden: only the ugly iris are blooming, all burgundy and fleshy-mauve like a trendy couch from the '80s.

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