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2012-03-02 - 7:45 p.m.

eight things, and what i paid for them.

the external world reflects and constructs the character; passivity in character can be counterbalanced by authorial attention to the universe of the story.

* * *

1. to briefly escape the warm grey slog that came in place of winter, i painted my fingernails a tropical turquoise colour and looked at someone else's vacation pictures on the computer.
essie polish, turquoise and caicos. $3.27

2. the morning fog was so thick, i couldn't see more than a few yards in any direction. the cars on the road were muffled and distant - all i could hear were the chorus of frogs, my own footfalls and heartbeat. a fox ran low across the path and startled me.
harajuku minis shirt with grey and yellow stripes, its logo pleasingly in the form of a tiny hamburger. $8.97
zensah compression leg sleeves in neon yellow, $26.87.
brooks pureconnect running shoes, in colourway cockatoo. $90.00
smartwool lightweight anti-blister running socks in colourway aloe. $27.30 for three pairs

3. doing some math, writing some lists and letters.
muji pencil/pen. $4.00

4. my husband said, "oh! you're putting on your girl eyes! now i know you've been planning something special for tonight!"
holika holika aqua petit jelly bb cream in shade N01, $21.00
bobbi brown nude shimmers pressed shadow palette. $42.00
clinique lipstain in black honey. $11.00

5. catching the minutes that would otherwise bleed away on the bus, in the car, waiting for a dataset to load.
madelinetosh merino light, colourways milk and maple leaf. $17.20 per skein
clover 2.25mm bamboo dpns. $2.29

6. whenever i make japchaebap or chonggak kimchi over rice, i remember your kitchen and your daughters.
kyocera 3.5in. ceramic grater. $1.00

7. when i am frustrated, i like to haul out the carpet cleaner. it's loud and physical, and the brown water that sloshes out at the end feels like a virtuous, measurable achievement. at other times, i like to sit inside the box it came in, with a blanket pulled over the top.
bissel lift-off carpet cleaner, $227.00

8. the neighbor's cat trills and bumps her head against the book i'm reading. there's sunshine on the narcissus and veronica. the turtles are trundling across the lawn in search of dandelions and clover, bright black eyes sparkling like ambiguous metaphors in russian literature.
green-framed sunglasses, $14.29
cream and coral-striped sundress from old navy, $3.47
folding beach chair from target, $7.99
a book about the ill-fated greely expedition, free for advance review.

* * *

reading: a book about snakes.
listening to: wind in the trees.
working on: graduating on time.
in the garden: a riot of narcissus

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