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2011-11-03 - 6:52 a.m.

essai sur le don

here i am, using the free wifi in a starbucks on the vegas strip. a friendly aussie man in dark-wash jeans, a thomas mason shirt and a camel-colored blazer bought me coffee i didn't ask for.

i asked him if he was familiar with gift theory. he was, and so we had a conversation.

* * *

we are staying in a hotel where the ceilings are painted with trompe l'oeil clouds and there is a weird ersatz perpetual daylight. my husband said, it's like aliens made a zoo habitat for humans.

* * *

on the flight from chicago to las vegas, the woman in the seat beside me moved her manicured hands in a quick and birdlike gesture. the diamond in her ring caught and shattered the sunlight into little rainbow shards, which went dancing across the tray table and molded plastic walls.

* * *

reading: papers relevant to my dissertation research.
listening to: born to be wild, occasionally interspersed with the sounds of slot machine payout.
working on: doing work.
in the garden: there seems to be little difference between a garden and an ashtray.

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