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2011-09-13 - 2:09 p.m.

nothing will hold/nothing will fit

this morning, there was a full moon caught in the cattails by the water's edge. the air was cool and wet and heavy, like a blanket left out on the lawn overnight. a cormorant incised a bright path through the mist on the water.

to my left, the moon was setting, and on my right, the sun was rising.

* * *

there's tea in the morning, the kitchen at night, what grows in the garden, and now a run around the lake or through the greenway. i asked my particular friend if he would come and cheer for me at a race in november. he said yes, in the way that really means no.

* * *

reading: the lost lunar baedecker, mina loy.
listening to: wye oak, siamese.
working on: resubmitting a grant application.
in the garden: i've got a bunch of Abutilon starting from cuttings.

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