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2011-08-14 - 11:40 p.m.


i think there are as many authentic recipes for caponata as there are sicilian grandmothers. you spend the day in the kitchen with your hair pinned up, intermittently nudging the process forward.

tomatoes simmer down into sauce, and you fry the celery and eggplant in little batches. you read poetry and let the light stream in.

at the end, there is a summer of sunshine in a little jar.

* * *

after dinner and after dark, my husband pulled me out of the kitchen and down to the lake. a storm was rising, and a hard, sharp wind stripped the humidity from the air. pine needles and dry leaves swirled up under the streetlights until the rain came and beat them down.

* * *

reading: yesterday's newspaper.
listening to: wqxr.
working on: a manuscript.
in the garden: an aggressive humming bird was monopolizing the nectar feeder, so we bought a second feeder for another part of the yard.

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