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2011-08-14 - 9:33 a.m.

how i escaped my certain fate

an airborne scattering of wild geese merged into formation and vanished over the pines. later, i reached the patch of water from which they had taken flight. feathers skirred across the surface of the water, strewn down like fugitive thoughts.

i kept running and did not stop.

* * *

perhaps i'll return to flesh out that last entry. but i think it might be a novel lurking there, and i have neither the time nor the space in my mind for that, right now.

* * *

reading: bickel and doksum.
listening to: camera obscura - other towns and cities.
working on: a thermal sweater with negative ease, for ease of layering. [ravelled here]. i am knitting for colder winters.
in the garden: okra ready for picking and pickling, and a little riot of zinnias.

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