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2011-07-13 - 4:08 p.m.

i found a reason.

the cats are anxious and needy, packing themselves into duffel bags and parking themselves on top of gear. my husband is preparing for the field season. he'll be away for a while.

a weird sulfurous mushroom is sprouting alongside my desert rose, an odd little dreamscape.

* * *

reading: old linear algebra notes.
listening to: sugar moon-k.d. lang.
working on: using my precious scant yards of liberty lawn. i've copied my favorite bias-cut tee in gray princess emerald, and made the wildly popular sorbetto top in blue glenjade. i've been trying to do more simple sewing, since i rarely wear the complicated things i make for fear of spoiling them.
in the garden: the neighbor's sweet-faced little cat is sleeping in a froth of wormwood.

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