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2011-06-15 - 10:26 p.m.

that much will rise for a long time, in many places

she wore her hair close-cropped with a messy pink quiff, just finding her scene. he had wire-rimmed glasses, a soul patch, that louche gamer's physique.

he was playing the part of the cool older brother. sometimes, irony is its own kind of disclosure.

the band hesitated in the ominous gathering dusk- will they or won't they - but they took up their instruments and a bright energy surged up from the audience. there was a cool wind, a few chords, and then the rain came down.

she turned her little wet face up to his ear and he laughed, patting her back with an easy hand. i could not tear my eyes away, smitten with the precision of that gesture.

and then, with the bright inevitability of lightning on the horizon, it was more certain than any words.

i want to have children.

* * *

reading: silver roses, by rachel wetzsteon.
listening to: zozobra - a hawk and a hacksaw.
working on: writing code.
in the garden: the crinum lily i dug from an abandoned farmstead is blooming.

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