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2011-05-07 - 3:18 p.m.

oscar is home!!

he was recovered seven miles away, skinny and matted with burrs. the woman who found him was so happy to have won his trust over the course of a week, because she thought he would make a great pet. then, she realized he was probably already somebody's great pet, and she turned him in to her local vet. they had him on their lost and found roster, called my husband, and i went to bring him home.

after slightly more than a month on his own, my big orange kitty is safe at home, purring on the foot of the bed.

* * *

reading: rondo, by kazimierz brandys.
listening to: bigger than an ocean - go sailor.
working on: piecing a canning jar quilt, using scraps from the market bags.
in the garden: the jasmine is blooming.

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