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2011-03-28 - 9:36 p.m.

best to make bitter, best to make the length tall and nothing broader, anything between the half.

we breed this theory relentlessly, yellow grid paper covered in recursions, jump diagrams, branching patterns. let's discuss this further over coffee, sketches on a napkin, your hand in your ruffled hair. later, you walk away in the manner of georg polya musing over urn problems.

let's think about this some more.

* * *

reading: slow homecoming, by peter handke.
listening to: the soundtrack from norwegian wood.
working on: finished a warm cabled sweater in time for the last burst of chilly springtime weather. now i'm mostly knitting baby things, but here's my current inspiration. i am imagining strong, drapey forms for summer knit up in cobweb linen.
in the garden: i covered the front beds in bedsheets to keep the plants from the frost.

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