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2011-01-30 - 8:53 p.m.

all the sailors wave goodbye

the nursing assistant shows up late for her shift, wearing clothes that are mismatched and dirty. she fixes her unsteady eyes and slurs, "what're you supposed to be? santa's mother?" my sister starts laughing nervously and isn't able to stop.

she measures out my grandmother's medication, and then she takes it herself. we can't believe what we're seeing.

our aunt won't answer our calls, so we leave her a message. "um, the woman who's taking care of nana seems...kind of nuts. she's stealing medication. someone needs to...do something about this. we're calling the agency." and then, quick at the end, "okayloveyoubye."

even after everything that's burst and blighted, it's hard to keep a hardened heart.

* * *

reading: proofs for a friend.
listening to: breakbot - shiny metal dude.
working on: ascertaining to what extent i've been scooped on my dissertation. ouch and ugh.
in the garden: the first yellow crocuses are up.

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