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2011-01-16 - 12:07 p.m.

everything we say refers to a metanarrative. even saying everything is meaningless.

it feels like i do everything in such a botched and dilatory fashion, i can never really be proud of anything.

it's sunny here, so i climbed on the roof and took down the colored lights. then back up, with coffee and the conquered city. i can smell the woodsmoke from someone's fireplace, cinnamon rolls in the kitchen, this bright and bracing wind.

* * *

reading:the conquered city, victor serge.
listening to: wqxr. i can't find my mp3 player, and it's like a part of my mind's gone missing.
working on: a last-minute baby shower gift.
in the garden: i have to rake out the front bed before spring growth starts in earnest.

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