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2010-07-02 - 8:15 p.m.

a poet who dabbled in painting, drawing and sculpture

this conjunction - a brake or a vector? is it a pause, then, to halt and consider, or a line of flight through language, one thread, a bright line?

lately, i've been feeling dissatisfied. accomplishments never seem to sit quite right with me, so i painted my fingernails a needless shade of vermilion. i poured a cup of coffee and then i walked away.

* * *

reading: the thousand autumns of jacob de zoet. i love the ways in which authors pin their stories to the world, and i love the genre-bending moment when a story unfolds itself and reconfigures. here, though, the mechanism twitched and quivered but never slid into action. also, mitchell needs a better editor - some of his sentences are like biting down on tinfoil. it was a good book, but i wish it had been better.
listening to: fresh cherries in trinidad - the mountain goats.
working on: oh, who knows. i could not possibly tell you.
in the garden: a little dish of blueberries, some sheep sorrel, a tomato, the last few strawberries.

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