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2010-06-09 - 6:05 a.m.

my cousin's wedding

when the previous church building was destroyed by a tornado, her great-uncle climbed into the wreckage and cut out the mural with his pocketknife. they were married under the painting of a creepy gray-faced jesus, hesitating and leaning away from each other at the altar.

in some ways, all nonfiction is creative nonfiction. on the buggy ride to the reception, their horse bucked in its traces, and as the light fell over the party, stormclouds were gathering on the horizon.

* * *

reading: the stones of aran. what a great old-man book.
listening to: dala. i am a sucker for two girls and a guitar.
working on: written exams.
in the garden: the day lilies, lantana and rudbeckia are a riot of color in the rising heat.

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