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2010-04-23 - 9:36 a.m.

myopia, a prism

my husband's mom knows i like art, so she always sends me thomas kinkade-brand greeting cards. and she also likes to put quotation marks around certain words and phrases - i think she means to indicate that these are things she is speaking directly from her heart.

wishing my "beloved" daughter-in-law a "happy" birthday...

have you ever received a card filled with glitter that spills everywhere, and you find it sparkling tenaciously in unexpected places for weeks afterward? it's like that, only instead of glitter, it is the obviation of irony.

* * *

listening to: with our thoughts we make the world - a hawk and a hacksaw.
reading: the social construction of reality, berger and luckmann. yes, ben. finally.
working on: squandering some opportunities more than others.
in the garden: the wallflowers are blooming themselves to death.

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