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2010-04-05 - 10:30 p.m.

sweeping past like an eclipse

it is pine pollen season here, and the air is thick, clouded and gritty. there is a chartreuse haze over everything, as if the world were an installation by wolfgang laib.

i finished a fossil reconstruction for the frontispiece of a monograph. i am working on some recursions. i bought a new pair of running shoes, in hopes that i am able to run and keep running through the summer.

* * *

reading: memories of the future, by sigizmund krzhizhanovsky.
listening to: the irony engine, a mountain goats cover.
working on: arranging my written exams.
in the garden: we are in the lull between the narcissus and the day lilies. the bleeding heart and dutchman's britches all came back, and the hosta are unfurling.

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