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2010-03-19 - 9:13 a.m.

collections work

driving from nc to dc is like watching spring get sucked back into winter, a time-lapse season in reverse. i am spending the morning working in collections. above my desk, there is a list of common pleistocene mammal sites. worm hole cave. new trout cave. piddling pit. grapevine cave. animal house cave. pocahontas quarry. poke-a-hot-ass quarry. l!za dav!s. ala!na p.

in montana and wyoming, i loved naming localities. this side and that side and the other side. the punishment pit. fall-in-a-hole quarry. ant offering quarry. highgraded liz quarry. there's one named after me, too. where does the time go, anyway?

* * *

reading: nothing at the moment. i finished the book i brought, and i haven't started a new one.
listening to: paria - sibiria.
working on: the neverending spreadsheet.
in the garden: i blitzed the front yard with fall-blooming bulbs - oxblood lilies and spiderflowers.

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