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2010-03-09 - 5:47 a.m.

once again for thucydides

the other evening, when you wrote about jeremy, i wondered if we might be friends with the same jeremy who works in the fish department at the pet store. lately, he always ends our evenings early because he has to be in work at 4 a.m. he scoops the dead fish and crickets out of their tanks before the customers come.

is there anything more dismal than dead animals in a pet store display? jeremy is like an anchor to my world, and when his girlfriend is out of town, he starts drinking alone and i worry about him.

i know it's not the same guy. the details don't line up. but now i've superimposed my jeremy over yours - a country boy who only eats white bread and talks about jesus when he's drunk and hugs you when you don't want to be touched but then it turns out to be exactly what you needed.

* * *

reading: peter handke, short letter, long farewell. oh katy homans, your cover design is the best. you and olga grlic and coralie bickford-smith.
listening to: toby take a bow, casiotone for the painfully alone.
working on: resurfacing the deck and compiling data into a spreadsheet, by turns. productive procrastination.
in the garden: the little irises are up, and the buds on the daffodils are fat and green and pale.

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