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2010-01-18 - 11:01 a.m.

birthday do-over

my brother and his girlfriend came to visit last week. they left for home this morning. i miss them already.

my husband always claims to be surprised by all the fun things i do when he is out of town. but when he is home, he says these things don't sound very fun, and he doesn't want to do them. this week, though, we dragged him out of the house and he admitted he had a good time.

oh, i hope mike and melissa end up here in north carolina. i loved having them around.

* * *

reading: a programming-for-bioinformaticians textbook.
listening to: public radio.
working on: baking cupcakes. doing laundry. winding yarn.
in the garden: the winter pansies are rallying after a cold snap. so pretty.

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