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2009-12-02 - 4:36 a.m.


tomorrow - or rather, later this morning - i will take a statistics exam. directly afterward, i will drive to the airport and fly back home for my husband's grandmother's funeral.

her death was not altogether unexpected - she was ninety-four, and increasingly frail - but it was sudden and very sad.

my husband will stay up north, while i will return to finish out the semester. another exam, two papers, a presentation. i'll pull out the holiday decorations - thread crochet snowflakes, colored lights. The year folds up, and touches corners.

holy saltmartin, why can't you beat time?

* * *

listening to: cars on wet pavement
reading: casella and berger, statistical inference, 2ed.
working on: being a better wife. a better student. a better friend.
in the garden: the last bits of green are lingering.

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